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interview tips

Interview tips

Finding a job usually means doing an interview. No matter what type of interview you…

Get that job.

Here is our 'Get that job' a guide to help when looking for employment.  It…

Keep calm and ace your interview

Some people absolutely love interviews, some people don’t. Whether you like them or not, chances…

Interview questions

Below is a list of questions that are sometimes used in interviews.  Before we talk…

Preparing for an interview

Preparing for the Interview Firstly, if you are preparing for an interview that means you…

Chat with us

Whether you need information or someone to talk to, the Youth Information team in Crosscare are here to provide you with expert support

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Chat Online

The online chat service is staffed by Youth Information Officers from centres across Ireland. It is available from 4pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday

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Find Your Local
Youth Information

See all their contact details here and give the social media accounts a follow. You will get lots of local and national opportunities and information for young people.

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