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Finding summer jobs for 16 year olds

By June 26, 2024July 11th, 2024No Comments

Summer jobs for 16 year olds:

So you’re looking to find a summer job. You want to work, but you have no idea where to start. Summer jobs for 16 year olds can be tricky (not impossible) to find as many employers prefer to employ people who are over 18, especially if it is somewhere that sells alcohol or cigarettes. Having a good CV is important and a good start but you will need persistence and a strategy.

If you have help or advice on finding part-time or summer work, you can chat online to a trained Youth Information Officer or leave us a message and we can get back to you.

Good to know!

As young person, you have additional protection under Employment Law – The Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996 is there to protect your health and ensure that working during your school years does not effect your education. More information.

Minimum Wage:

The rate for under 18 is 70% of the minimum wage i.e. €8.89 per hour. However, your employer can choose to pay you more than the minimum wage!

Where to start:

Start early – you will be getting your summer holidays end of May, sooner than exam years – so start looking early May, letting employers know when you will be available.

Prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter, adapted to the requirements of the placement you would like to apply for. See below!

Be more targeted in your approach – start with places that you might have already done TY work experience with.

Where to apply

  1. Are any of your friends working – can they put in a good word for you.
  2. Use and filter search using ‘no experience necessary’/ part-time/ within 10kms.
  3. Find what places in your area have summer jobs for 16 year olds – coffee shops/ restaurants.
  4. McDonalds, Penneys, Starbucks, Hotels (kitchen and housekeeping) employ 16 year olds.
  5. Target Places likely to hire for summer, places that are normally busier in summer or have a summer season e.g.  Ice cream shops, Kilruddery, Bray.
  6. Are you a member of a sports club? Can you work in their Summer Camps.
  7. Ask people do they want chores or painting done for payment.
  8. Think about people in your support network – they could be teachers, parents, uncles/ aunts, grandparents, friends – would any of them employ you for the summer?

Creating a CV for Summer Work/ Part-time Job

  • Keep your CV simple, making it personal, use your own words and be able to answer questions / talk about anything you write on it.
  • The employer won’t be expecting loads of work experience, so don’t worry about this – this is where your TY work experience or roles of responsibilities is really helpful!
  • Employers are interested to see how you are as a person – what your interests, real life skills, awards, committees that you are involved in, says a lot about you as a person.
  • Don’t over professionalise your CV – at 16/17, you will not be managing the place.
  • Be careful when downloading a CV template from the internet – they are often aimed at a career position rather than a part-time job. Often the wording is too artificial and corporate – the employer would prefer to see that it was written by you in your words. Keep your language and words simple, keep it real!

Contact us if you would like an example of a CV that would be more suitable for a part-time job and also include a cover letter that might help also. You can change the layout and words to suit you better.

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