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Youth Info Publications


Studying Abroad in UK and Europe– Aimed at Irish Students thinking of going to Britain to study. It is still an option once you are
aware of the changes. The publication also raises awareness of opportunities of studying in other parts of Europe.

Volunteer in Europe – free travel, accommodation and pocket money with the European Solidarity Corps.

Work in Europe – explore employment opportunities in Europe and find out the supports available.

Rough Guide to the Student Grant 2021

Work, Volunteer, Study, in Europe. There are so many amazing opportunities in Europe for young people from Ireland – working, volunteering, and studying.

Get that job – a guide to doing your CV, applying online, interview techniques, employment supports and tips for staying positive.

The Little Book of Support

A Guide to Apprenticeships 

Volunteer in Europe  – Have you ever thought about volunteering, and exploring  Europe?  If so the European Voluntary Service programme is for you!

Thinking of Leaving School Early – A guide for young people in the Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown Area

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