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What We Do!!…

Crosscare Youth Information Service provides information in a way that is accessible, non-judgemental, and welcoming for young people.

  • give time and a safe space to come and talk or get support.
  • help young person to explore the situation and identify the issue with them and
  • Provide information and options and help the young person make sense of the information at hand and support them to take the next step
  • Signpost young people to other specialised organisations when necessary
  • Aim to enable young people to make their own informed choices and become independent and active citizens


Youth Info Hub:   Come talk to a trained information professional in confidence on a wide range of topics including education, training, employment, accommodation, early school leaving, rights etc. We also run drop in clinics throughout the summer to assist young people filling in the online Student Grant Applications.  If you have any questions you can contact or drop-in to your local Crosscare Youth Information office in Bray, Dun Laoghaire or Clondalkin.

Outreach: We bring the service out to young people in their own locality, providing outreach services / workshops /inputs to other organisations.

Europe & Beyond: We provide info on opportunities for young people and youth workers, in particular with regard to funding opportunities under EU programmes.   We provide information on work opportunities, the lifestyle and regulations in each of the countries.

Publications:  Specialised and accessible publications are researched, created and disseminated targeted specifically at young people.

Transitioning Support: College & School Outreach Programmes take place with a variety of themes including ‘Student Grant’ workshops, ‘What Next After the Leaving Cert’ options etc. Drop in clinics to assist SUSI grant applications. The Info Service is also a local relay for the Student Leap Card. A student accommodation list is also compiled with a list of local digs and given to the local colleges.

Professional Support:  We provide training, support and consultation to Youth Development Officers on information provision, to help address the information needs of the young people they work with. Professionals in key local agencies are supported with their information needs.

Text Messaging Service:  Each young person subscribes to receive weekly text messages, giving information on a wide range of topics including grants, travel, jobs, rights, entitlements.

Digital Youth Work: To bring the service out to young people in their own locality at a time convenient to them the Youth Information Service uses social media, and maintains a blog.

Twitter:               Dublin   @YouthInfoDub          Wicklow   @YouthSpinWW



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