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Writing your first CV #2

By May 4, 2018October 20th, 2021No Comments

Are you stuck with a big blank page, check out this earlier post for ideas about what to put in your CV.

This post will be about tips on how to write your CV.  The main thing to remember when writing one is to keep it clear.  The person reading it is most likely reading many other CVs and nothing stands out or impresses like a clear CV that is easily read.


CVs give basic information about you, your education, work experience, skills & achievements.

Treat your CV as an advertisement of yourself – be positive, sell yourself.

Start with your name & contact details.

If you are adding in your email keep it professional, might not be the best email to use if you are applying for a job.  Set up another email address and make sure you remember it, especially if it is the one employers might be contacting you on!

Your CV should be no more than 2 pages.

Keep it short, sharp and simple.

Adapt and update your CV to suit each job you are applying for, (*a tip*- you will find the important words/phrases in the job advertisement, so have a look at that).

Start with your most recent job/ education first and work backwards.

Include any awards/ medals/ skills as they show commitment and dedication.

Do not lie on your CV as you are likely to be found out at an interview or dismissed if you get the job.

If you’re asked for referees, include a past employer, teacher or sports coach.

Make sure to ask that person first! If you’re not asked write ‘References available on request’ at the end of your CV.

Read over the CV for typos and spelling mistakes. Get someone else to double-check!




It is also important to get across the skills and attributes that you have.  By reading the job application you will have an idea of skills that the employer is looking for, but here are examples of some skills and attributes;

communication skills – teamwork skills – interpersonal skills – analytical skills – computer skills – strong work ethic – motivation and initiative – flexible and adaptable – organisational skills – honesty and integrity etc.


These are only some samples but the key is to look at skills or attributes that apply to you, make sure you write about them and how they can be demonstrated by your activities, e.g. I work very well within a team as demonstrated by my membership of the Green Schools Committee and many team sports.

If you need help compiling your CV you can call in to your local Crosscare Youth Information office in Bray, Clondalkin or Dun Laoghaire, or chat online to a trained Youth Information Officer.


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