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Time To Move 2021 – A Greener Europe

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One of the themes for European Time to Move 2021 this year is a Greener Europe. That is why Crosscare Youth Information and Crosscare Youth Services are taking time to encourage you to explore the great outdoors!  Below are a few tools to get you started.  From exploring the eco system of the Grand Canal to volunteering in Europe as part of the European Solidarity Corps, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore the nature that surrounds you.

The important thing is to have a look, and if you find anything you would like to explore more,  you can leave us a message and we can get in touch or chat online to a trained Youth Information Officer.

Check out the ‘Explore Nature’ below for some tools to get you started!


Go outdoors and explore nature

Have a look at some great activities from Youth Workers in Crosscare that allow you stop, take a moment and really have a look at what’s around you.


Learn more about the world around you

Check below for some activities that you can do to help create a positive change in your community.


European Solidarity Corps

This European funded programme funds you to volunteer at home and abroad. All your expenses (rent, food, transport, insurance, visa procedures, language classes) are covered by the project, and you even get a bit of pocket money to enjoy your experience fully!


Talk to us

If anything below interests you, you can talk to us, chat online to a trained Youth Information Officer, or let us or your Youth Worker know, we would love to help.

1. Go outdoors and explore nature.

In our wellbeing section we have some great activities, from Youth Workers in Crosscare that allow you stop and take a moment.  Nature is magic, worth taking time to really have a look at the beauty of what surrounds you.

Click on some of these activities:

2. Learn more about the world around you.

Sustainable Development Goals.

There are many ways you can contribute positively to the community you live in.  Have you heard of SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals.  The UN have agreed a set of goals to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and address climate change.  Here is a short introduction.

Spark Ireland

Spark Ireland have been collecting examples from people of all ages in Ireland.  You can read more about the SDG’s here, and also see examples and stories of people making positive changes in their community. The stories can be found here and are grouped into three sections, social, environmental and economic.

One World Week

Do we fully understand what being part of this global community means? how do we define our global identity? And what can we do to tap into the collective action needed to act on global issues affecting people and planet today.  These are some critical questions. To support these conversations, One World Week resource this year will tackle the theme of “Global identity and Collective actions”.

The free One World Week workshops are aimed at young people and youth workers. Workshops will take place from September 2021 to December 2021.

Find out more about One World Week at the National Youth Council of Ireland.

Volunteer in Ireland with I-Vol

Have you ever though about volunteering locally.  You can learn a lot of skills and also make positive changes. Check out I-Vol the National Volunteering database.  You can even narrow it down to where you live and what type of volunteering you would like to do.  For example if you live in Clondalkin and like the outdoors here are the local options available to you.

3. European Solidarity Corps

Volunteer in Ireland or Europe with the European Solidarity Corps.

All your expenses (rent, food, transport, insurance, visa procedures, language classes) are covered by the project, and you even get a bit of pocket money to enjoy your experience fully!

This European funded programme funds you to volunteer at home and abroad. There is a wide range of climate, environment and nature volunteering opportunities.  We can help you get there.  You don’t have to be part of a Youth Organisation to go. Young people from Crosscare Youth Services have gone and here are their stories, and stories from young people across Ireland who have gone to Europe with the ESC.

We are often asked brilliant questions by young people thinking of going, and we are always happy to go through all the answers;

  1. What additional supports are provided for a person with a disability? The programme provides for anyone with barriers to participate through inclusion support and exceptional costs. The inclusion is a rate of €9 per day and if the person requires other supports for example passports, visas, suitcases, a PA or adapted equipment they can apply for these under the exceptional costs.
  2. Is my Social Welfare payment (job seekers/disability payment) affected if I volunteer nationally or internationally? will I be no longer be eligible for my job seekers payment if they volunteer nationally. This question comes up a lot from youth workers but we rarely have difficulties with volunteers returning and resuming their payments. We would urge any young person to discuss the programme and their potential opportunity with their case officer BEFORE taking up a national opportunity.
  3. If I do a short-term mobility (2weeks – 2 months) can I also do a longer mobility?  Yes they still can go on to the 12 month placement.
  4. Where do I look at what type of opportunities are available? Go to the European Solidarity Corps Portal you can search for organisations with opportunities in Ireland and Europe.
Have a listen to Susan (Youth Information Officer at Crosscare Youth Service in Clondalkin) and Mateja is (from VSI) talk about the opportunities available with the European Solidarity Corps and how to apply. This podcast was recorded a few months back.
You can volunteer abroad with ESC, but you can also volunteer in-country.  Watch Bronagh discuss her in-country volunteer experience with ESC with L’Arche in Cork!
You can also read experiences that volunteers have had with ESC.
VSI have a padlet full of information for your EU and in-country opportunities.

Made with Padlet

4. Talk to us

You can read all about the European Solidarity Corps or you can leave us a message or chat online to a Youth Information Officer as we are one of the many local relays for the Eurodesk Network, and can help you get a place on the ESC.

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