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Supports for Young Travellers

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Images from young Travellers in Crosscare Tallaght Traveller Youth Service for Traveller Pride week

Traveller Pride, a two-week event celebrating the culture, heritage and identity of Travellers. Traveller Pride celebrates and promotes the Traveller community’s unique contribution to Irish society while combating the discrimination and prejudice Travellers face.

Traveller Pride 2024

Traveller Pride, a two-week event celebrating the culture, heritage and identity of Travellers. Traveller Pride celebrates and promotes the Traveller community’s unique contribution to Irish society while combating the discrimination and prejudice Travellers face.

There are events taking place all over the country, including exhibitions, film screenings, talks, workshops, art, theatre, music and much more. Check out the programme here:

This year’s theme is “Hidden Voices within the Traveller Community”, in celebration of those who are less heard. It is an opportunity to focus on the diversity within the Traveller Community, LGBTQI+ Travellers, disabled Travellers, neurodiverse Travellers, and young people as group who along with all young people face additional stereotyping and can struggle to be heard. More information

National Traveller Organisations

Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre: is a national non-governmental organisation comprised of Travellers, Roma and members of the majority population working in partnership at national, regional, local and international levels. It provides innovative and ground-breaking work to address Traveller & Roma issues and promoting Traveller & Roma human rights.More information.

Exchange House Ireland, National Traveller Service: a multi-disciplinary frontline service provider offering Education and Training Services, Children and Young People Services, Family Support and Crisis Intervention Services, Addiction Services and the National Traveller Mental Health Service. We also deliver partnership services through training, provision of expertise and dual working with other organisations providing services to Travellers in Ireland. Our aim is to break down barriers and discrimination in order to facilitate Travellers to access the range of services they need in an equitable way.. More Information.

National Traveller Women’s Forum aims to raise awareness of the issues effecting Traveller women, and to work towards ensuring these issues are recognised and reflected in policy developmentMore information.

Clondalkin Traveller Development Group supports and addresses the need of Travellers in the Clondalkin area– (01) 4575124 Monday to Friday 9.30 – 5pm

Crosscare Roma Support Team: directs Roma people to vital services such as food poverty support, mental health support and children and young people services. To access this service, please contact or call 01 8726775.

Specific Supports for Young Travellers

Tallaght Traveller Youth Service (Crosscare) provides Travellers with education supports and training to remain in the education system while valuing their ethnic identity and distinct culture. The service is based in community centres and also in halting sites, working directly with young Travellers and their families. More information.

Bray Traveller Community Development Group (BTCDG) run weekly activities for Young Travellers linking in with other youth services in the Bray area. If you are interested in joining our groups contact Jim on 01-2762075 or More information.

Southside Travellers Action Group (STAG) run youth programmes for young Travellers in the Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown area, with activities available in Sandyford as well. Activities are available to young people aged 10-21. Groups are based in ST Nathy’s Resource Centre which is located just off Nutgrove Avenue and Southside Travellers Action Group centre in Sandyford. We run off site activities in various centres / venues throughout Dunlaoghaire/ Rathdown County & further afield. Activities include life skills programmes, outdoor adventures, art summer programmes, sports and health activities, and Traveller Culture Youth Action programmes. More information.

Exchange House Ireland Children and Young People’s Service is the main provider of Youth Services to the Traveller Community in the greater Dublin Area. More information.

Dublin: TravAct Youth Project is open to all young Travellers from 10-25 years of age, living on the Northside of Dublin.  TravAct is an organisation of Travellers and settled people working together in North Dublin to tackle the root causes of Traveller exclusion and promote their equality and human rights within the Irish Society. Offers a range of youth activities and provides a space for young Travellers to come together. The project can also offer support with applying for jobs, creating CVs and doing interviews.If you’re interested in joining the TravAct Youth Project . More information.

Pavee Point offer youth groups for young people in the Traveller community. Pavee Point Traveller Youth Work programme offers Traveller specific youth services in Ireland. For more information and to find your local youth group visit Pavee Point here or call 01 8486515.

Involve runs youth projects focusing primarily on those between the of 10 – 25 years old and from the Traveller community. More information.

Irish Traveller Movement Youth Programme is about bringing young Travellers together to an inclusive space where they can participate, develop and be empoweredto be leaders of their generation. More information.

Join a Local Youth Group

  • Crosscare Youth Services support young people (aged 10- 24yrs) throughout the greater Dublin/ Wicklow area. The Youth Service provide friendly and inclusive spaces open to all young people. Find out if there is one in your local area through Crosscare Youth Services.There are Youth Services all around Ireland run by different organisations.  Contact your local Youth Information Officer to find out where is your nearest, and find out other local supports and information available.

Financial support

National Traveller MABS works to reduce poverty, discrimination and the financial exclusion of Travellers in Ireland. They work with the Traveller community and organisations to change policy and practice which impacts Travellers financially. We try to ensure that Travellers are informed and can access all available services when it comes to managing money. More information.

Accessing College in Ireland - student supports

Education Advice Services: 

Exchange House offers an advice service to Travellers who wish to enter into or return to education. You are provided with information, advice and support to access education at all levels, from adult basic education to third level. Information is based on your individual needs, including educational, financial and personal circumstances. Call 01 872 1094 and ask for the Education and Training Service or email

Literacy Supports: For all learners, including Travellers, development of literacy, numeracy and “soft” skills is supported specifically through Adult Literacy Programmes. Youthreach, apprenticeships, etc. also support the development of literacy, numeracy and ‘soft skills’.

Further education and training (FET) supports the active inclusion of all individuals, including Travellers, to participate in FET to enable every individual to fully participate in society. Travellers as a priority target group within various programmes.  There is a broad range of provision on offer within FET at levels 1-6 of the NFQ serving around learners each year. Provision is available nationwide on both a full and part-time basis including evenings and weekends, to suit the lives of learners of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Accessing College in Ireland - student financial supports

The National Traveller MABS has produced a great financial guide to College.

Student Grants (SUSI Grant)

This is the main source of support available for full-time students attending post leaving certificate (PLC), undergraduate and post-graduate courses. It  gives priority to those on the lowest incomes and who are on specific social welfare payments  through the special rate of maintenance grant. A student grant may consist of a maintenance grant and a fee grant which covers the cost of the student contribution towards fees.

Back to Education Allowance: If you are unemployed, parenting alone or have a disability and are
getting certain payments from the Department of Social Protection, you may take part in a second-or third-level education course in Ireland or Northern Ireland and get a Back to Education Allowance.

1916 Bursary: The purpose of this bursary is to encourage participation and success by students who are most socio-economically disadvantaged and who are from groups most under-represented in higher education, including members of Irish Traveller community; You must be able to demonstrate that you would qualify for the highest level of the SUSI grant and/or are in receipt of a Department of Social Protection (DSP) long-term means-tested social welfare payment. Apply directly to the institution you are attending.

Fund for Students with a Disabilities: Student who are Irish Travellers who have a disability can access support under the Fund for Students with Disabilities (FSD). This fund supports participation by students with a disability in a full-time programme of higher education. The aim is to ensure that these students can participate fully in education.

Traveller and Roma Communities Access Scholarships  aims to increase the participation of members from the Traveller and Roma Communities in Higher Education. The scholarship provides reduced points entry, financial support and opportunities for students from these communities who might otherwise be unable to attend third level education due to social disadvantage or financial constraints. Check with individual colleges/ universities through their Access Department.

The Traveller Apprenticeship Incentivisation Programme (TAIP) offers a limited number of bursaries to members of the Traveller community. More information.

Education Access Route

HEAR scheme is a college and university scheme which offers places on reduced points and extra college support. Young Travellers can apply online to CAO.

DARE scheme  offers places on reduced points and provides extra college support for young people with a disability who are applying for college/university.

HEAR and DARE application advice clinics take place nationwide and notices as to where they will take place are available on line at Where young people are in receipt of a grant, training allowance/ other, this will be noted in their assessment of need.

Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH) Strand 5: Funding to support Traveller and Roma Students progression to, and retention in Higher Education. It can be used to support students with study spaces, health and social impacts, caring responsibilities and technology supports.

Accessing the Health Service

An introduction to the Irish Healthcare Services.

Primary Health Care for Travellers Project (PHCTP):  aims to help improve the health outcomes and quality of life of members of the travelling community. Delivered through a Community Development model by Primary Healthcare workers and Community Link workers from the travelling community, the programme focuses on health promotion in different areas including cardiovascular health, diabetes and mental health.

Useful resources:

Mental Health Supports

  • The National Traveller Mental Health Service is a Traveller specific mental health and suicide prevention service. We provide these services to Travellers to improve mental health and overall wellbeing and reduce suicide. We deliver mental health supports and suicide prevention by engaging and consulting with Travellers and others to provide education, training, individual support and group work to the community.. more information
  • Traveller Counselling Service: a free, confidential space for members of the Traveller community (who are 18+) to meet with a counsellor or psychotherapist to talk about any difficulties they may have in their life m: 086 3081476, landline: 01 8685761. More information.
  • ‘Mind your Nuk’ Mental health advice and supports for Young Pavees More information.
  • Traveller Mental Health Resource – Our Story Video

Useful resources and articles.

  • Mind your Nuk : Mental health advice and supports for Young Pavees.
  • Hearing the voice of Ballyfermot Traveller Children – September 2023 Click here.

More information

For more information you can check out the education and employment sections of the website.

Chat online

If you have any questions about supports available to you as a young person from the Traveller community, you can chat online to a trained Youth Information Officer or leave us a message and we can get back to you.

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