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Online Tools for Job Hunting

Online tools for job hunting

Online Tools

There are many online tools for job hunting that can help you – Each of these tools are designed to help you identify your skills, communicate your strengths, explore careers, record your learning and achieve your goals .

Skills Summary

Skills summary is an easy to use online tool that measures the skills young people gain by participating in youth work and volunteering opportunities, building their confidence, so that they can better communicate the value of these essential skills to future employers

My Future+

MyFuture+ contains a number of interactive tools and resources to help you become clearer about what you would like to do (or not do!), and to explore the world of education, work and employment.

SpunOut Compass

Spunout Compass Tool – Find a job or go back into education with the spunout Compass tool, custom results for you.

Careers Portal have tools like ‘Know Yourself ‘- career exploration & explanation. They have information on upskilling & training if you are unemployed.


Accenture’s Skills to Succeed Academy is a free,  online training program that helps you to build the skills and confidence needed to make smart career choices and find and succeed in employment.


Europass – a set of online tools for job hunting to record all your learning, work or personal experiences and achievements in one place. You can create diverse CVs and cover letters, understand how to present  your skills and qualifications and manage related documents.


If you have any questions about interviews and job applications you can also chat online to a trained Youth Information Officer.

You can also get direct access to a Crosscare Youth Information Officer who will support you explore your education and career options from supports for early school leaving through to College.   Get help with your CV and interview skills or identify your personal strengths and areas of work that would suit you.  You can do this online with MyFuture+ or contact us here.

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