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Life Coaching?

By February 17, 2022April 29th, 2022No Comments

Do you sometimes feel “Stuck”? Frustrated that your life is not moving forward in the way you want it to? Do you want to reach your goals, improve all areas in your life, become more confident and learn to manage stress and anxiety? Why not try a Life Coach?  Crosscare Youth Services have life coaches all ready to have a chat.

If you are interested in finding out more about life coaching, contact Emma on 086 130 0314 or email: 

1. What is life coaching

What is life coaching?

Life Coaching examines your current circumstance (the present) and assists you to work towards your Goals (the future)’.

Coaching offers you an opportunity to “THINK OUT LOUD” and to figure out what it is that you want in life, what direction you want to go in and how to gather the tools to build a fantastic future.

Many of us acknowledge that change is necessary in our lives but don’t feel empowered or confident enough to act upon it. This can be frustrating and self-limiting. Working with a Life Coach can help you unlock your potential that in some instances you won’t even realise you have!

2. Through coaching you can:

  • Discover your strengths and talents
  • Learn to manage stress and anxiety
  • Improve your positive mental health
  • Learn ways to stay healthy and balanced in your life
  • Learn more about yourself & your relationship with others
  • Fine tune your academic and organizational skills
  • Develop a personal mission statement
  • Work toward goals that you choose

Learn a bit more about life coaching from this video.

3. Is coaching the same as counselling?

NO! Life Coaching focuses on the present and the future and is in the area of self-development. Counselling focuses on the past and the present and is in the area of recovery.

4. What happens in a Life Coaching Session?

Life Coaching is usually done as a one-to-one session in a private space. Sessions usually last up to an hour. Coaching is a safe, confidential and FREE service.

Life-Coaching is all about finding balance in your life – Your coach can help you figure out what’s most important to you.  Once you know that, you set goals to balance what you’re already doing with what you want to accomplish.

Life coaching sessions can be the most empowering and life changing experiences you will ever have.

5. The Coach's Role

My role as a Coach is to establish a safe & trusting environment with the following attributes: Humour, Honesty, Excitement, Learning, Challenge and above all Action towards your Goals.

6. Should you try it?

Sure – if you want to improve your life. Remember you only get one shot at life. Why not make it a fulfilling one!!

Contact Emma on 086 1300 314 or


She’d be delighted to hear from you!  You can also give the team a Whatsapp and be put in touch with the Life Coach nearest you.

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