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ERYICA Quality Label

Each young person has a right to full and reliable information.

This is the central belief behind our work.

There are certain decisions that you will have to make as you go through life – having access to quality information helps you to know your rights, make decisions that suit you best, take action and reach your full potential.

The right to information is an essential part of giving you the ability and power to make your own choices. It is recognised on a national, European and International level e.g. Under Article 17(UNCRC)(2) This is the role that Youth Information plays within the lives of young people.

Adapted from: ERYICA 

What is the European Youth Quality Label?

We have been awarded the European Youth Information (ERYICA) Quality Label. This confirms that our approach helps to ensure the information we provide is correct, accurate, unbiased, accessible and reliable.

It means that you can trust the information that is provided. As trained professionals, we put time and effort into identifying different sources and researching quality information. Sometimes a question may require expert advice – e.g. legal advice, counselling, homelessness. If necessary, we will refer you on, making the initial contact or advocate on your behalf.

What is reliable information?

  • Verified, true & unbiased
  • Accurate, complete & up-to-date
  • Comprehensive & youth-friendly
  • Based on pluralist & verified sources
  • Respectful, inclusive & accessible
  • Promotes autonomy & active participation
  • Empowers

How to spot fact-check information on the Internet

Quality Mark
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