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I want to read and write better

By August 31, 2021April 13th, 2022No Comments

If you would like to improve your reading, writing, maths or digital literacy (using a smart phone or a computer), there are places and people to help you.

And remember, we will be happy to help you contact these places, if you would like.

Over 18

Contact NALA (National Adult Literacy Agency) – they are really helpful.
Call them on Freephone 1 800 20 20 65 or text LEARN to 50050 – from 9.30am to 5pm, Monday – Friday.
They will talk to you about your learning options. You can study online or work with a tutor over the phone. They can also refer you to your local adult literacy centre. It’s free and you decide what, where and how you want to learn.

Under 18

If you are in school, talk to someone like your class tutor, year head or guidance counsellor – they can give you one-to-one support to help you improve your reading reading, writing or maths.

If you are going to a Youthreach and Community Training Centres, they have teachers who will give you extra help with reading and writing if you need it.

Dyslexia Association Ireland  offer specialist, individual tuition in small groups to young people (6-18) with dyslexia; – Further Information on Supports

Useful Resources

Digital Matters – Nala – The Digital Matters guide brings together information on technology such as using computers and phones. The guide has practical instructions including how to search the internet and download applications (apps) to your smartphone. It also has information on social media platforms and useful podcasts.

“That’s Interesting!” – Nala – “That’s Interesting!”  worksheets can be used to practice reading, writing, spelling and numbers and each includes a piece of text followed by exercises. The texts cover a wide range of topics, from human stories and current affairs to traditions and history.

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