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How to stay positive while job searching

By August 17, 2022August 18th, 2022No Comments
How to stay positive while job searching

Tips on how to stay positive while job searching:

We are humans, and when things don’t go as planned, we sometimes begin feeling very sad, mad, or hopeless, it can be hard to stay positive while job searching.  Job hunting almost always requires stamina, sometimes tons of it. It is important to mind yourself through the process.  To treat looking for a job like a job. Spend an apportioned amount of time on it every day and then…stop… and go back to being your wonderful self.

Spend energy only on things you can control

So, you have emailed 100’s of CVs . You can’t will your CV to pass through a prospective employer’s hands, you can’t influence how many other qualified candidates apply for the same job. Why waste another second dwelling on them. Focus your energy instead on what you can control and then act on these things.

Practice being resilient

Developing resilience isn’t easy, especially when the news that you didn’t get the job you really wanted hits you like a freight train. But it’s vital for anyone in the midst of a lengthy job hunt. Pause, take a few deep breaths, strap on your boots then find some new ways to get back on track.

Support while job searching

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive while job searching, raise your hand and let the closest and most supportive people around you know you need help. Every one of us needs a good pep talk from time to time.

Contact your local Youth Information Centre and see what support, guidance and advice you can get there.  If you have any questions you can also chat online to a trained Youth Information Officer.

Get direct access to a Crosscare Youth Information Officer who will support you explore your education and career options from supports for early school leaving through to College.   Get help with your CV and interview skills or identify your personal strengths and areas of work that would suit you.  You can do this online with MyFuture+ or contact us.

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