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Crosscare Youth Work Model of Service Delivery

Evidence Informed / Outcome Focused:

A comprehensive, evidence-informed Youth Work Model of Service Delivery that guides the youth work within Crosscare. The development of this model has been brilliantly led Crosscare Practice Development team. Their challenge was to engage the full workforce in our youth work services in designing a model that is relevant, practical and challenging. Always aware of the broader context and the evolving national policy environment, all those involved have created a model that is rooted in Crosscare values and our strategy but also relates directly to the expectations and challenges of the various funders who support our work.

Together with staff, volunteers and young people we want to deliver our youth work services in the best possible way. We want them to be effective, relevant and innovative. We also want them to be exciting, entertaining and fun. The development of a clear model of service delivery will  help with all of the above and undoubtedly lead to better quality of interventions and supports to vulnerable young people across the greater Dublin and Wicklow areas.

Guided and informed by our youth workers and supported by evidence the Crosscare Youth Work Model of Service Delivery:

  • Articulates our common approach to youth work, identifying the central theme and supporting principles that guide our work;
  • Outlines how we can from conception through to delivery, maintain a young person-centred approach that is outcome-focused and supported by evidence; and
  • Identifies our evaluation framework so that Crosscare youth work services can ensure that our services are of the best quality.

Through the promotion of an outcome-focused approach we continue to ensure our youth services respond to the needs of young people and support them to reach their full potential.

You can download the Model of Service Delivery here.

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