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By July 26, 2021October 29th, 2021No Comments

What a year 2020 was! Along with the rest of the country, Bray Youth Service did it’s part to help young people get through the worst of lockdowns and to manage the stress that came with the Pandemic. Below is a our review of work done in 2020. In it you can read a little about the various projects that make up Bray Youth Service and see some of the work that happened through the year.


Lockdown meant new ways of working. Contact was maintained with the young people that would normally be attending different groups and projects via different online means. We did work online, brought the equipment or ingredients for activities from our centres to our members. When lockdown was lifted we worked in very small numbers, but also took advantage of the natural amenities within our localities.

The review will introduce the Youth Service staff, give some general information about the service, but most importantly will share some of the highlights from the work done throughout 2020.

2020 brought many challenges and made positive outcomes hard to achieve at times. We hope the review will show that Bray Youth Service managed to rise to the challenge and offer young people with a range of interesting, exciting and importantly, fun activities through the year.

Download and share the review from the following link

Bray Youth Service Annual Review 2020



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