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A Guide to All Things Gay

By September 8, 2021April 13th, 2022No Comments

Ok, hands up, we confess it’s not really a guide to everything gay, but this book created by Bray LGBTQ+ Youth Group, still manages to give a huge amount of information for anyone wondering about the LGBTQ+ experience

‘A Guide to All Things Gay’ is available here for free download

The aim of this book is to be informative and relevant. They wanted it to be easy to read and not full of text. The audience they were aiming at was an ambitious, ‘everyone’. So hopefully it will appeal to young people that are gay, older people that are straight, people that are questioning their sexuality, or just curious. It hopefully appeals to professionals working with young people, and to parents.

The book started as a conversation about coming out and grew into something that covers a lot of the areas discussed by the Bray LGBTQ+ youth Group members. Apart from sharing their own stories, they have put some tips for anyone considering coming out and some for anyone that might be the person a friend or family member comes out to.

The Creators of the Journal

Bray LGBTQ+ Youth Group have put a huge amount of work in to getting the finished product available – from the early days of discussions on what kind of content should be in the book, through to making decisions about the content and how it should look.

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